Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ski travel to NZ offers exhilarating days on the slopes, breathtaking views, and a great selection of buzzing resort towns. As you begin planning your New Zealand ski holiday, these frequently asked questions will give you an idea of what ski travel to NZ entails.

General FAQs on Ski Travel to NZ

skiing in new zealand coronet peak queenstown ski fields nz ski

Is skiing in New Zealand any good?

New Zealand’s ski fields are small by world standards, but they make up for it with epic views, steep verticals, and excellent apres-ski in resort towns like Queenstown and Wanaka. Plus, several ski fields share a lift pass, allowing skiers to explore different mountains with a discounted multiday pass. There’s a reason why the New Zealand ski scene is recognized as the best in the Southern Hemisphere.

Where do you ski in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s ski regions include:

  • Queenstown
  • Wanaka
  • Canterbury
  • Ruapehu
  • Nelson

New Zealand ski fields are all perched high in the mountains, mostly in the Southern Alps on the South Island. However, the volcanic cone of Mt Ruapehu is also home to two ski fields on the North Island.

In addition, an endless array of snowy backcountry terrain offers superb heli-skiing opportunities around the South Island.

Where can you snowboard in New Zealand?

The top New Zealand ski fields offer great snowboarding terrain. You can snowboard at:

  • Cardrona Alpine Resort
  • Treble Cone
  • The Remarkables
  • Coronet Peak
  • Mt Hutt

You’ll find parks and pipes at Cardrona Ski Field, while Treble Cone has abundant off-piste terrain.

Where is the best skiing in NZ?

The best skiing in New Zealand is around the Queenstown Lakes region. Home to four of the country’s top ski fields, this region also boasts two pumping ski resort towns. You can stay in both Wanaka and Queenstown and sample all four ski fields even if you only have a short time in the country.

What is the best place to ski in New Zealand?

The best place to ski in New Zealand is either Queenstown or Wanaka, depending on your preferences.

  • Queenstown–best for skiers who love to party, travelers who want to combine skiing with sightseeing, and anyone who wants the convenience of minimal transportation and frequent ski field buses
  • Wanaka–best for families, travelers who want a more laid-back resort town vibe, first-time skiers (skiing at Cardrona), and advanced skiers (skiing at Treble Cone)

What is the best ski resort in New Zealand?

The 5 best ski resorts in New Zealand are each top choices for a different reason.

  • Cardrona Ski Field–best for families and beginners
  • Treble Cone–best for advanced skiers and boarders
  • Mt Hutt–best for cheap ski deals, especially for families
  • The Remarkables–best for iconic Queenstown views
  • Coronet Peak–best for unforgettable night skiing

What is the biggest ski resort in New Zealand?

The two biggest ski resorts in New Zealand are Treble Cone (South Island) and Whakapapa (North Island), each with 550 hectares of rideable terrain.

Where in New Zealand does it snow?

It only snows in the mountains in New Zealand, with snow rarely reaching towns–no more than a couple times a winter, if at all. On the South Island, snow covers most of the mountains of the Southern Alps throughout the winter, as well as the peaks of Fiordland National Park. The Southern Alps are home to most of New Zealand’s ski fields. On the North Island, snow blankets Mt Ruapehu each winter, providing fresh powder to the two ski fields on its slopes.

Where is the best snow in New Zealand?

The most reliable snow in New Zealand is at Cardrona Ski Field. And the best powder in New Zealand is at Treble Cone, which receives the highest annual snowfall of any New Zealand ski field, at approximately 5 metres.

Where should I stay when skiing in New Zealand?

In each region, skiers stay in the town at the foot of the nearby mountains. Stay in Queenstown to ski The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. Stay in Wanaka to ski Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone. And stay in Methven to ski Mt Hutt.

Can you stay on snow in New Zealand?

Yes, you can stay on snow at Cardrona Alpine Resort. However, on-mountain apartments book up far in advance, so most skiers stay in Wanaka and drive up to Cardrona to ski each day. Plus, there are far more opportunities for apres-ski in Wanaka.

Where is the most snow in New Zealand?

Treble Cone receives the most snow on average of any ski field in New Zealand, with 5.5 metres annually. The other ski fields receive on average:

  • Mt Hutt–4.0 metres
  • The Remarkables–3.7 metres
  • Cardrona–2.9 metres
  • Coronet Peak–2.0 metres

However, Cardrona has the most reliable snow cover of any New Zealand ski field. With sheltered slopes and great snow-making capacities, Cardrona typically manages to open by the scheduled date.

Does it snow in North Island NZ?

Yes, it does snow on the North Island, mainly on the volcanic cone of Mt Ruapehu. This volcano is home to two ski fields–Whakapapa and Turoa.

What are the four main ski regions in New Zealand?

  • Queenstown Lakes Ski Region–home to four of the top New Zealand ski fields
  • Canterbury–home to Mt Hutt and numerous small club ski fields
  • Ruapehu–home to the two major ski fields on the North Island
  • Marlborough–home to a few small club ski fields

Is skiing in New Zealand expensive?

Skiing in New Zealand is not expensive by world standards. In fact, many overseas visitors will find much cheaper ski pass prices due to a favourable exchange rate.

How much does it cost to go skiing in New Zealand?

Adult single day lift passes are typically around NZD$159 at the major New Zealand ski fields. Multi-day lift passes offer significant discounts and can drop the price of skiing to under NZD$109 per day.

Child prices range from free (ages 7 and under) to NZD$99 for a single-day lift pass depending on age and ski field.

Is it cheaper to ski in Australia or New Zealand?

If you don’t include flights, skiing in New Zealand is generally cheaper than skiing in Australia. This is because lift pass prices are typically less expensive in New Zealand, plus the Australian dollar is worth more than the New Zealand dollar, which means great deals for Australians traveling to New Zealand to ski.

Does New Zealand have 4 seasons?

Yes, New Zealand does have four seasons. However, as our climate is relatively mild, we can occasionally see snow in summer or hot, summery days in early spring.

What months does it snow in New Zealand?

Snow typically falls in the mountains between April and November. However, a solid layer of snow generally only remains on the ski fields between late June/early July and mid-October.

Can you ski all year round in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s ski season only runs between mid-June and mid-October. However, powderhounds can ski year-round by combining a Northern Hemisphere winter with a Southern Hemisphere winter for nonstop action.

What time of year can you ski in New Zealand?

You can ski in New Zealand from the start of winter through mid-spring. The ski field opening dates change from year to year.

What is the ski season in New Zealand?

2024 ski season dates:

  • Cardrona Ski Field–June 15th to October 13th 2024
  • Treble Cone–June 29th to September 29th 2024
  • Coronet Peak–June 14th to September 22nd 2024
  • The Remarkables–June 15th to October 13th 2024
  • Mt Hutt–June 14th to October 13th 2024

Read more about 2024 ski season dates here.

What is the best time to ski in New Zealand?

The best time to ski in New Zealand depends on what you want from the experience.

  • June–the best month for cheap ski deals and Queenstown’s Winterfest
  • August–the best month for reliable snow
  • September–the best month for spring skiing

Read more about the best time to ski in New Zealand here.

What is the best month for skiing?

August is generally considered the best month for skiing in New Zealand. With the most reliable snow cover and fewer crowds than July, August offers ideal conditions for ski travel to NZ.

FAQs on Queenstown Skiing

the view from The Remarkables Ski Field one of the best Queenstown ski resorts where to ski in new zealand

Is Queenstown good for skiing?

Queenstown is generally considered the best ski destination in New Zealand–if not the entire Southern Hemisphere. With four top ski fields within a 1.5-hour drive, Queenstown has a vibrant resort town vibe. The town centre is packed with restaurants and bars perfect for apres-ski, and the views are breathtaking.

Plus, you can try out unique skiing options from Queenstown, including heli-skiing and cross-country skiing.

What is the best ski field in Queenstown?

Each of the four Queenstown ski fields are best for different reasons.

  • Coronet Peak–closest and offers night skiing
  • The Remarkables–most iconic Queenstown ski resort
  • Cardrona Ski Field–best for beginners and families
  • Treble Cone–best for advanced skiers and off-piste terrain

Read about the pros and cons of the top Queenstown ski resorts here.

Which is better, The Remarkables or Coronet Peak?

The Remarkables is more suited to families and learners, though it also has a terrain park.

Coronet Peak is closer to Queenstown and better for more advanced skiers, with great backcountry terrain.

However, you can sample both ski fields with the Queenstown NZSki Pass. All of our Queenstown ski packages include flexible passes valid at both resorts.

Where should I stay when skiing in Queenstown?

On your Queenstown ski holiday, stay in the town centre or along the lakefront just outside of town. Neither Coronet Peak nor The Remarkables offers on-mountain accommodation, so you will need to drive or take the convenient mountain coach up to ski each day.

If you plan to take the mountain coach, downtown accommodation is best, so you will be within walking distance of everything you need in Queenstown. The mountain coach picks up from the town centre.

Can you stay on the mountain in Queenstown?

Cardrona Alpine Resort is the only Queenstown ski field offering on-mountain accommodation. However, the Cardrona apartments book up very quickly, so you are unlikely to find availability unless you book outside the peak season. Most skiers choose to stay in Wanaka when skiing at Cardrona Ski Field.

How far are the ski fields from Queenstown?

  • Coronet Peak: 25 minutes (16 kilometres)
  • The Remarkables: 40 minutes (24 kilometres)
  • Cardrona Alpine Resort: 1 hour 15 minutes (58 kilometres)
  • Treble Cone: 1 hour 30 minutes (90 kilometres)

Most skiers use Queenstown as a base for Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, and Wanaka as a base for Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone.

How do you get to ski slopes from Queenstown?

For all of the Queenstown ski fields, you can either drive or use mountain coach transport.

Coronet Peak and The Remarkables offer two mountain coach services:

  • A pre-booked hotel pick-up service that departs twice daily
  • Buses departing every 20 minutes from downtown Queenstown

The coach services from Queenstown to Cardrona and Treble Cone must be pre-booked.

When can you ski in Queenstown?

You can ski in Queenstown between mid/late June and mid-October. The exact opening dates change from year to year.

Is there snow in Queenstown in July?

There is almost always snow on the mountains and ski resorts around Queenstown in July. However, snow very rarely reaches as low as the town itself.

What months does it snow in Queenstown?

Snow generally falls on the mountains around Queenstown between April and November. However, it doesn’t stick around long when it falls early or late in the season.

How much does it cost to ski in Queenstown?

The cost of skiing in Queenstown depends on many factors, from your length of stay to your ski package inclusions. As a rough guide, 1 week of skiing (with accommodation and transportation) costs around NZD$2000 per adult, while a family of 4 can ski for a week in Queenstown for NZD$6899 (including lift passes, rental car, and accommodation).

What is there to do in Queenstown if you don’t ski?

  • Sightseeing activities and scenic drives
  • Adrenaline activities (jet-boating, bungy jumping, skydiving, ziplining, etc.)
  • Ride the Skyline Gondola
  • Take the TSS Earnslaw steamship to Walter Peak High Country Farm
  • Visit the Kiwi Birdlife Park
  • Soak in the Onsen Hot Pools
  • Visit the Arrowtown historic town centre
  • Taste wines on a Central Otago wine tour
  • Scenic helicopter flights
  • Snowshoeing

FAQs on The Remarkables

skier at The Remarkables Ski Field Queenstown

How far is The Remarkables from Queenstown?

The Remarkables is 24 kilometres from Queenstown by road, but very close as the crow flies. Most of the driving distance is covered on switchbacks as the road climbs steeply to the ski field.

Can you drive up to The Remarkables?

Yes, you can drive from Queenstown to The Remarkables. You must carry chains, as the upper portion of the road is frequently covered in snow.

How long does it take to drive from Queenstown to The Remarkables?

It takes approximately 35-45 minutes to drive from Queenstown to The Remarkables, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Is it safe to drive to The Remarkables?

The ski field access road is safe if you are confident with driving in winter conditions. The road is narrow and winding, with steep drops. If you don’t feel comfortable driving up to The Remarkables, the ski field offers a convenient bus from downtown Queenstown.

Is Remarkables good for beginners?

The Remarkables is great for beginners. The ski field offers extensive beginner and intermediate terrain, with designated learner areas.

Can you toboggan at The Remarkables?

Toboggans are available for hire at The Remarkables, with an area designated for tobogganing. This winter activity is fun for the whole family!

FAQs on Coronet Peak

night skiing at Coronet Peak Ski Field

How far is Coronet Peak from Queenstown?

Coronet Peak is 16 kilometres from Queenstown. This makes it the closest ski field to the town centre.

How do I get from Queenstown to Coronet Peak?

You can drive to Coronet Peak following Gorge Road to Arthurs Point Road to Skippers Road to Coronet Peak Road. Alternatively, you can take the ski field bus from downtown Queenstown. This bus service departs every 20 minutes throughout the morning.

Do I need snow chains for Coronet Peak?

You need to carry snow chains when driving to Coronet Peak, as the road often experiences winter conditions.

Is Coronet Peak good for beginners?

Coronet Peak does have a good beginner area. However, most novice skiers in Queenstown choose to learn at The Remarkables and ski at Coronet Peak once they have mastered the basics.

Can you toboggan at Coronet Peak?

Yes, you can toboggan at Coronet Peak. Toboggans are available for hire on the mountain.

FAQs on Wanaka Skiing

treble cone ski field wanaka skiing nz ski

Which is better, Queenstown or Wanaka?

That depends on what you want from your holiday.

  • Queenstown has a bigger party scene
  • Wanaka is more laid-back
  • Queenstown has more adventure activities on offer
  • Wanaka has more kid-friendly options
  • Queenstown is more convenient to the airport
  • Wanaka is only an hour away

Both towns are picturesque, set beside lakes surrounded by mountains. Both are close to two excellent ski fields, and both have plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars in town for apres-ski.

Is it worth staying in Wanaka?

If you plan to ski at Cardrona or Treble Cone, or if you want a more laid-back, family-friendly ski holiday, it is definitely worth staying in Wanaka. Though smaller than Queenstown, Wanaka has enough options to keep you busy for several days off the slopes.

How far is Wanaka from Queenstown?

Wanaka is 67 kilometres from Queenstown via the Crown Range Road, or 113 kilometres via Cromwell.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive from Queenstown to Wanaka via the Crown Range. From Queenstown Airport, it takes just 1 hour to Wanaka.

Where is there snow in Wanaka?

Snow very rarely falls in the town of Wanaka. Around Wanaka, you will find snow at:

  • Cardrona Ski Field
  • Treble Cone Ski Field
  • Snow Farm (cross-country ski resort)

FAQs on Cardrona Alpine Resort

cardrona ski field wanaka skiing in new zealand nz ski

How do you get to Cardrona ski field?

Cardrona Ski Field is located above the Cardrona Valley Road, which connects Wanaka and Queenstown. You can reach Cardrona three different ways:

  • Driving from Wanaka or Queenstown
  • Booking the daily ski bus from Wanaka or Queenstown
  • Driving to the car park at the base of the mountain and riding the Pine Trees Shuttle to the ski field

Private transfers are also available to Cardrona.

Can you drive to Cardrona?

Yes, you can drive to Cardrona. The road is narrow, winding, and unsealed, and you should be confident with driving in winter conditions.

How far from Wanaka to Cardrona?

Cardrona is 34 kilometres from Wanaka. It takes approximately 40 minutes to drive from Wanaka to Cardrona Ski Field.

How far is Cardrona from Queenstown?

Cardrona is 58 kilometres from Queenstown. It takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to drive from Queenstown to Cardrona.

How do you get to Cardrona from Queenstown?

To reach Cardrona Ski Field from Queenstown, you need to take the Crown Range Road towards Wanaka. This climbs over a high saddle. After descending to the settlement of Cardrona, turn onto the ski field road, which climbs several hundred metres to reach the base building at Cardrona Alpine Resort.

Do you need chains for Cardrona?

Yes, you need to carry chains whenever you drive up the ski road to Cardrona Alpine Resort. If chains are needed, one of the ski field staff will stop you at the chain fitting pull-off and assist.

How high is Cardrona?

  • Ski field base elevation: 1670 metres
  • Highest lift runs to: 1860 metres

What time do Cardrona lifts open?

Lifts at Cardrona open at 8:30 am each morning.

What time does Cardrona close?

Cardrona Ski Field closes at 4:00 pm daily.

Is Cardrona good for beginners?

Cardrona Alpine Resort is the best ski field in New Zealand for beginners. It offers:

  • Extensive beginner terrain
  • Flexible lesson packages, including 1- to 3-day First Timer packages
  • New Zealand’s only “chondola” with gondola carriages interspersed with chair lifts, perfect for those not confident on chair lifts

Read more about why Cardrona is the best place to learn to ski in New Zealand here.

FAQs on Treble Cone

treble cone ski field wanaka skiing nz ski

How far is Treble Cone from Wanaka?

Treble Cone is 23 kilometres from Wanaka. It takes approximately 35 minutes to drive to the ski field base.

How far is Treble Cone from Queenstown?

Treble Cone is 90 kilometres from Queenstown. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive from Queenstown to the ski field base.

How high is Treble Cone?

  • Ski field base elevation: 1260 metres
  • Highest lift runs to: 1960 metres

Is Treble Cone suitable for beginners?

Treble Cone does have a beginner area, with a range of lessons available for beginning skiers. However, most terrain at Treble Cone is more advanced, so we recommend using the Wanaka ski pass to learn at Cardrona Alpine Resort and transition to Treble Cone once you master the basics.

Did Cardrona buy Treble Cone?

Cardrona Alpine Resort purchased Treble Cone in January 2020. This means the two resorts now share the same ski pass. In other words, any multi-day Wanaka lift passes and rental equipment can be redeemed at either ski field.

Explore the runs at both ski fields and pick the best option each day based on snow conditions!

FAQs on Methven & Mt Hutt Skiing

New Zealand ski fields Mt Hutt skiing NZ Ski

How far is Mt Hutt from Christchurch?

Mt Hutt is 114 kilometres from Christchurch. It takes approximately 2 hours to drive from Christchurch to the ski field.

How do you get to Mt Hutt?

Mt Hutt is located near Methven. You can reach the ski field either by driving (26 km / 40 minutes) or by taking the daily Mt Hutt Ski Bus.

Does Methven have snow?

It rarely snows in the town of Methven. However, the mountains just behind the town are covered in snow through the winter, including Mt Hutt Ski Field.

What time does Mt Hutt open?

Mt Hutt Ski Field opens at 9:00 am.

On weekends, you can purchase a First Tracks pass to access the ski field at 8:00 am.

How high is Mt Hutt ski?

  • Ski field base elevation: 1610 metres
  • Highest lift runs to: 2086 metres

FAQs on Ski Lessons & Learn to Ski Packages

cardrona ski field wanaka skiing nz ski lessons adult

Where is the best place to ski for beginners?

Cardrona Alpine Resort is the best place to ski for beginners in New Zealand. Here’s why:

  • Wide open green runs
  • 25% beginner terrain and 25% intermediate terrain
  • Flexible First Timer lesson packages with great discounts
  • All winter gear available for hire: jacket, pants, helmet, goggles, gloves
  • A “chondola” with gondola carriages for skiers nervous to ride lifts
  • A sheltered conveyor lift in the beginner area

Is it hard to learn to ski?

It’s easy to learn to ski well enough to enjoy green and blue runs. You can master the basics after 3-4 days of lessons. However, it takes a bit more dedication to progress to expert level.

If you’ve never quite made it past the easy runs, you might want to book intermediate lessons to help you progress.

How long does it take to learn to ski?

It takes 3-4 days of lessons and independent practice to learn to ski. You can start skiing easy runs after a day, but the correct technique takes a bit more time to master.

Can you learn to ski at any age?

Yes, you can learn to ski at any age. Young children find it easiest to master skiing, but children and adults of any age can learn to ski with lessons.

Can you learn to ski without lessons?

You can learn to ski without lessons, but it will take much longer. An instructor will teach you the right techniques and give you tips and exercises to help you get a feel for skiing.

How many ski lessons does a beginner need?

3-4 days of lessons offer a great foundation for beginners. In addition, you should take time to test out your new skills independently. Some lesson packages include 4 full days of lessons, while others include one full day followed by two half days.

Is skiing worth the money?

Skiing is an exhilarating sport, and there’s nothing more satisfying than digging into a hearty meal or soaking in a hot tub after a long day on the slopes. However, skiing is also expensive. Whether it’s worth the money depends on how much you enjoy it. If you’ve never skied before, we recommend renting–rather than buying–all gear and giving it a try before you make up your mind.

FAQs on New Zealand Winter Travel

wanaka in winter

Do 4WD need snow chains NZ?

All vehicles need to carry snow chains during winter travel on the South Island of New Zealand, especially if you will be visiting ski fields. When snow chains are required on certain roads, they are required on all vehicles, including 4WD vehicles.

Can you visit Milford Sound winter?

You can visit Milford Sound throughout the year. However, the road may close on certain days due to snow or heavy rain causing landslides. Check the New Zealand Transport Agency’s website for daily updates on Milford Road conditions.

If you’re worried about driving conditions on the winding, narrow road to Milford Sound, we recommend booking a coach-cruise-coach tour out of Queenstown.

What can families do in Queenstown?

  • Ride the TSS Earnslaw Steamship
  • Take the Skyline Gondola to the top of Bob’s Peak and ride the hilltop luge
  • Explore the historic town centre of Arrowtown
  • Enjoy age-appropriate adrenaline activities: jet-boating, ziplining, rafting, bungy jumping, skydiving, and more
  • Take a scenic walk
  • Lord of the Rings tours

What can toddlers do in Queenstown?

  • Interact with farm animals on the Walter Peak High Country Farm Tour
  • Ride the Skyline Gondola and Luge
  • Discover native birds and other animals at the Kiwi Birdlife Park
  • Play at the lakeside playground

What can kids do in Queenstown?

  • Jet-boating
  • Skyline Luge
  • Panning for gold in Arrowtown
  • Queenstown Mini Golf
  • 4WD tours
  • Rafting
  • Ziplining

What is Wanaka known for?

Wanaka is known for its beautiful mountain and lake views, laid-back atmosphere, excellent summer hiking, and vibrant winter ski scene.

What is there to do in Wanaka for free?

  • Stroll along the lakefront Millennium Walkway and photograph the Wanaka Tree
  • Hike up Mt Iron
  • Taste wines at Rippon Winery
  • Enjoy a scenic drive

What is there to do in Wanaka for a day?

Our top recommendations for a day in Wanaka include:

  • Visiting Puzzling World
  • Strolling along the lakefront Millennium Walkway, past the Wanaka Tree, and up to Rippon Winery for a tasting
  • Walking up Mt Iron for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape
  • Visiting the Wanaka Lavender Farm to taste locally-grown lavender and honey products
  • Watching a film at the charming Cinema Paradiso

What to do in Wanaka when it’s raining?

  • Visit Puzzling World
  • Taste wines at Rippon Winery
  • Enjoy a coffee or relaxing meal at one of the excellent restaurants
  • Visit the National Toy and Transport Museum
  • Try out New Zealand’s most immersive virtual reality experience at REALM
  • Watch a film at Cinema Paradiso

FAQs on Family Skiing

skiing in new zealand cardrona ski field nz ski lessons kids family

How do I start my child skiing?

We recommend booking lessons to start your child off skiing. Instructors are used to the way children learn, and whether they work with your child one-on-one or in a group lesson, they will give your child a solid foundation to build on. Plus, lessons are a fun experience that your children will look forward to continuing.

In addition, you can add childcare or Kids’ Club packages to your children’s lessons so they are looked after all day while you ski.

Can a 4 year old ski?

4 years old is a great age to start your child skiing. At this point, your child will be ready to join group lessons and learn in a fun-filled environment. In general, children who learn from a young age are more likely to become experts in a few years.

Can a 2 year old ski?

Yes, two-year-olds can ski. You can put your child in ski lessons as soon as they can walk. However, very young children will need to learn with a private instructor, and lessons should be kept short.

How should a toddler dress for skiing?

When dressing your toddler for skiing, keep in mind that they will need more layers than older children. A toddler will need:

  • Thermal base layers (long pants and long sleeves)
  • Thick socks
  • A fleece jumper
  • Snow jacket
  • Snow pants or overalls
  • Waterproof gloves with clips to attach them to your child’s sleeves
  • Ski helmet
  • Ski goggles

Instead of a jacket and pants, you can also dress your toddler in a one-piece snowsuit.

Do toddlers need ski goggles?

Yes, toddlers need ski goggles if they are learning to ski. These protect your toddler’s eyes both from wind and from the bright glare of sun off the snow.

FAQs on Heli Skiing

queenstown helicopter tour

How much does heli skiing cost?

Heli ski packages in Queenstown cost between NZD$975 per person for 3 runs and NZD$1515 per person for 10 runs. This includes:

  • Professional guides
  • Return transfers from your accommodation to the helipad
  • Safety equipment
  • Gourmet lunch

Check out our ski packages inclusive of heli skiing here.

Is heli skiing dangerous?

Because heli skiing takes place in un-groomed backcountry, it is prone to certain risks–particularly avalanches. Your guide will ensure the terrain is safe, and you will be provided with safety equipment for your heli skiing adventure.

FAQs on booking with New Zealand Ski Packages

skiing in new zealand remarkables queenstown ski fields nz ski

What is the best way to book my holiday?

Simply send us an email or fill out a quick enquiry form found on the right hand side of this page, and on all of our package pages.

We will reply to you within 12 hours.

Where is the best place to ski?

When you contact us, let us know your situation e.g are you skiing with children, are you an expert, what kind of skiing or snowboarding do you like to do, etc. We will be able to personally tailor your ski package to best suit your requirements.

Will you organise my rental car for me?

Yes, we will take care of that for you. You will just arrive at your destination, collect the keys and head off for your dream ski holiday.

What if I don’t want to drive?

We will arrange for coach pick up and drop off from your accommodation to your ski destination and back home again.

Will you organise lessons for me and my children?

Yes, definitely. We will have your pre-paid lesson vouchers organised and will assist you in any way possible to make sure your entire family have a wonderful day on and off the slopes.

Are my meals included in the package price?

Meals are not included in the price, we generally leave this up to the individual. All accommodation will be self catering, with an in room kitchen(ette) at all properties, therefore you have the option of preparing meals if you wish. Other options include ordering off the room service menus, or going out to a nice cafe nearby, or dining in the many ski field restaurants and cafes on offer. All accommodation is also centrally located, making dining easy and convenient.

Will you arrange my ski pass?

Yes, definitely. You will receive your pre-paid vouchers prior to your arrival. You will use these to obtain your ski passes from the ticket offices.

Why should I have you arrange my holiday rather than myself?

Ski packages and deals include accommodation, lift passes, rental cars, snow chains, lessons (if required) and a detailed itinerary. An inclusive package is convenient and gives you peace of mind. Everything is organised before you even leave your house. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your magic ski holiday.

What are the ski field roads like?

All ski field roads are well maintained during winter. A 4WD is not necessary and it is fine to drive up each road in 2WD. However, you are required to carry chains and fit them when necessary if weather and snow conditions are poor.

Road conditions will be posted on each ski field’s ‘Snow Reports’ page. Ski fields will also advertise the need to fit snow chains at the bottom of the roads.

Are there EFTPOS machines on the mountain?

Yes, there are Eftpos facilities in the Ticket Office for each mountain, Rentals and the Retail Shops.


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